Saturday, July 30, 2016

FD: Guru BBQ

Some days you wake up and know exactly what you want to eat. Today that was ramen for me, tacos for Marieta. So we decided to return to a local BBQ joint that we've only hit once before; Guru BBQ. With Kansas City-style bbq joints all over the 515, Guru is something unique. Much of the menu is Korean flavor influenced and unlike anything you'll find elsewhere.

For our first bite we got Guru Nachos (something Marieta tries everywhere with a latin influence). A fair share of tortilla chips, topped with arugula, a trace of blue cheese and white cheddar, plus red onions, grilled grapes, Creme fraiche, and balsamic glaze. Everything came in more than ample supply minus the cheese. Kind of odd considering that is like the only real required element for nachos. Still tasty, but the bottom couple layers of chips are just boring, dry tortilla chips.

Up next we got our ramen, dubbed the Old Sober. This thing is fantastic. A huge bowl slammed with noodles, beef broth, pork, a quail egg, and other greens. God I could eat this every day. Funny thing is we put what seemed like a decent dent into the old sober, but somehow when we packed up the remainder to take it home we had like four servings of delish ramen. GET THIS!

As for the tacos... they were equally amazing. We bought one of each variety: Brunch, Korean, and Chipotle Honey. Built with Prok, Eggs, Cucumber Relish, Jicama, and other bits of heaven Guru's tacos bring much more than flavor but also a fair amount of heat. Absolutely love them. Marieta couldn't take the heat, but I ate them until I was punishingly stuffed.

Guru is still pretty young but dang if it isn't Freaking Delicious. If you haven't swung by this Principal Park adjacent eatery, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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Tapas in Chicago: The Purple Pig & Arbella

One of the best thing about exiting the home area code is discovering some new tasty eats. It's extra fun when those quality bites come from your home town. For me that means Chicago. And while we were only in the Windy City for a few days, boy did we hit the jackpot for delicious dinners.

While Marieta was in town for a conference, I hit the streets and had quite the adventure. Besides going for a run on the lakeshore, hitting a Cubs game, I was also charged with finding the perfect dinner spots. First up was The Purple Pig. Marieta actually hit it up when we came to town with friends. She ate there while I went to a Bulls game. I am SO glad we returned so I could try it out.

While we didn't have any wine, we did order a small slew of delicious tapas. First up was a House Cured Trout, Melitzanosalata, Greek Yogurt & Smoke. In the above video you might be able to notice a little smoke escaping the jar, well if the server had waited for me to film the opening you would see a pillowy cloud rising out of the jar. This was easily Marieta's favorite dish.

Next up was Pig's Ear with Crispy Kale, Pickled Cherry Peppers, & Fried Egg. Marieta had this on her prior visit. She ordered them again so I would have dance with them. Really nice and crispy and of course an egg will amp up the flavor.

Third we had was Quail Egg Ravioli Ricotta, Spring Onions and Breadcrumbs. These babies were extra rich. Quite delicious and extra fun to cut into but almost needed something acidic to cut the over the top egg and cheese combo.

Last we had Pancetta Wrapped Guinea Hen, Smoked Almond Foam, Vin Jaune Jus & Pickled Strawberries. As a whole probably the least adventurous dish of our meal, but snuck in that description was the best part of the evening. The Pickled Strawberries were so good I saved the majority of them to have last. The pickling turned the berries into almost a jolly rancher candy but soft and sheer perfection of sweet and sour. I can almost remember them now. Moving on!

Night two Marieta told me find something similar to The Purple Pig, and in a city the size of Chicago I easily found the newish Arbella. Loved the atmosphere of this place and the food was equally as incredible. First the super hot day, I had to cut the heat with a crisp cider from Thistly Cross Cider. Really nice ginger flavor, but not the tongue scrapping ginger we're so used to.

For food, we first had Ahi Poke. Ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, a soft egg, and plantain chips delivered a fun way and delicious ceviche treat. Probably the best dish of the evening.

Next was Polpo or grilled octopus, roasted fingerlings, spicy pesto, and green olive chimichurri. Each element was quite good but for some reason never really combined together. Also the octopus might have been just a bit too chewy. Good, not great.

Last was Korean Fried Chicken, amish chicken drummetes, korean spicy and sweet glaze, and peanuts. What a satisfying way to finish the meal. Ample food from six drummetes and a flavor that we are quite familiar with from Korean chicken becoming so popular. I would easily recommend this dish.

Chicago ended up being a delicious retreat. I could go on, but this blog is ultimately about brevity. So in closing I'll leave you with a fun pastry discovery for you to enjoy.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crazy Easy Breakfast: Purple Potatoes and Over Easy Eggs

It's one of those Saturday's where you sleep in and don't feel like going the full nine-yards for breakfast. To that end, the easy answer: Eggs and Toast. Still, what's fun about that? Welcome to the table Purple Potatoes. So, in case you can't tell from the animated gif, the recipe is:

Purple Potatoes and Over Easy Eggs

2 Eggs
2 Purple Potatoes
1 Shallot
2 Slices of bread
1 tbsp of butter
1 tbsp of olive oil
Pinch of salt

You can definitely figure this out on your own, but start by...

  1. Slice up the potatoes and shallot. 
  2. Place the potatoes and shallot in a roasting pan and rub them with olive oil. 
  3. Roast in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
  4. While roast cook eggs to taste in buttered pan.
  5. Make toast (if you need directions call Charlie Brown)
  6. After potatoes have caramelized, plate and serve.
With how easy this recipe is you might be wondering "Why is he posting this?" Simple, I was bored this morning and wanted to make the animated gif recipe.

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