Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Greens Eats in a City Known for Its Blues

This past Saturday Marieta and I took a trip down to Fats Domino's favorite town, Kansas City. While most people's vacations might center around sightseeing, museums, sporting events, or trips to the beach, Marieta and I always seem to travel for one reason; food, and this trip was no different.

First up, the Blue Bird Bistro

Located on the west side of the Kansas City metro, the Blue Bird Bistro is a locavore's dream come true. Just take a look at a little blurb I found on the wall.

Normally when we eat out Marieta has a hard time finding something to eat cause she doesn't like the options, this time around it was a completely different story. Every item on the B3's menu seemed to either be organic, local or a combination of the two. It was awesome.

My selection?

Rain’s Farm all natural heritage Tamworth pulled pork, organic diced tomatoes, all natural havarti cheese, and Campo Lindo Farm poached eggs on organic baked polenta topped with hollandaise made from Menno Brennerman Farm butter
Marieta's Choice?

freshly prepared with organic white wheat flour, Busy Bee Acre Orchard apples, granola, and a touch of rosemary; served with pure maple  syrup and local butter
Do those not sound freaking delicious? What I wouldn't give for a B3 clone in the 515. And beyond the menu the Blue Bird proudly displays where they source their ingredients on a billboard.

Our trip down south was much more than just the Blue Bird Bistro, but if you're interested in the... you're just going to have to wait for my next post!

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What draws you in to a restaurant most often? Its food source? Restaurant theme? proximity?

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